Import Wizard App Import Challenges


My team and I use the ‘Import Wizard App’ to map excel data to an event program in dhis2. However, we’ve noticed a few issues regarding the import process.

They are …

  1. Non-mandatory data elements with a value type ‘Date’ that are blank in the excel data are imported as the date of import instead of blank. Is it possible to skip the blank values as the app does with other data value types? As a work-around we have put ‘NA’ for all missing dates to create conflicts within the app.
  2. Using multiple versions of the app, I am unable to load more than ~450 rows of data going from the ‘6. Map Program Stages’ tab to the ‘7. Import Data’ tab within the app. Is there a new limit to the number of cases being imported? Is there a step I’m missing? This worked well in v1.0.1 and v1.0.2.
  3. We are still having trouble seeing metadata changes in a saved mapping, described here.

@prosper @carapai can you provide any insights into these challenges we’re facing? Are these known issues that are being considered for the future app updates?

Thank you!