Data Import Wizard : Changes after the mapping is made


My team and I use the ‘Data Import Wizard’ app available in the app store to import event data. I’ve noticed that after a mapping is made, any changes to the program, a data element, or an option set are not reflected in the already made data mapping. Meaning, I can’t map an option that I’ve added, after I’ve made and saved the data mapping.

Also, if I edit the data mapping in the Datastore Management app to reflect the changes made to the option set (for example) and save, the import fails. It seems like if any change is made, then the entire mapping needs to be made again.

Has anyone had this problem? Is this expected?


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Dear @lnfregos

Thank you for using the app and sharing this important feedback. These were known bugs and were resolved however the developer hasnt updated the app store. Let me follow up with @carapai to ensure its updated on the apps store.

Thanks and regards

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Hello @prosper and @carapai,

I’m wondering if there has been any progress made on these known bugs, and if the app has been updated in the app store to reflect the changes.

Many Thanks!
Lauren Fregosi

Hello @prosper and @carapai!

I hope you are both well. We were wondering if this issue with changes in mappings has been fixed yet and if it’s in the app store? We just updated to version 1.0.8 and are still seeing this issue.

Thank you!

Dear @Kris_Reinhardt

Sorry for the delayed response.
The bugs were fixed and uploaded to the dhis2 play store.


Dear all,
At WHO we are using Bulk Load application to upload data from excel. It generates templates automatically from any data set or even program on the fly, meaning that any changes to any program will be automatically reflected when a user downloads the excel template. The import process also detects duplicates and you can configure a time range within which events can be considered duplicates.
The new version of this app was just released n case you wanna check it out! Bulk Load app 3.5.1 now available

Hope this helps!