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I was wondering if anyone else has done this before and could give me a few suggestions - I have a situation where I want to track attendance for different groups of students (boys and girls) aged 15–19 years within a school during sessions.

Facilitators follow different groups and fill the forms manually during the sessions and data is entered into the system electronically by data captures. Each completed form corresponds to one group. I would like to build a tracker that allows me to calculate as indicator the number of GROUPS by facilitator, i.e, if, for example, Facilitator X completed four forms, I should get 4 as the indicator. Knowing that a tracker program tracks individuals, not groups, I need some workaround and/or guidance on how I can achieve the desired results. I am attaching the paper form which facilitators complete at sessions.

Thanks so much.

Do you need the individual client data in your system (each student’s personal information, which sessions they attended on which day), etc? If not, you could use an event program, where each event is one group. How many facilitators do you have?

Some of us discussed these issues here:


Hi Natalie,

Yes, I need both the events and the individual participants that attended by name. I am trying out working with the event for each training session but with relationships to participants as tracked entity instances, then use SQL views to analyse the relationships for now as I wait hopefully for an upgrade / improvement of DHIS2 that could support analysis of relationships in event reports. For the facilitators, the number rarely exceeds 3. Hope this approach works, any other ideas / experiences are welcome. Thanks.



Hi @Natalie_Tibbels,

I have six facilitators.

I need both: individual client data and group data. Through the discussed issues, I could understand how individual tracker can be configured. Regarding client data, how can I design an indicator to count individuals who didn’t attend all the sessions.

About groups, it’s easy to manually count the number of groups facilitated by Facilitator X for example. If Facilitator X has completed 4 forms, we count the number of them manually and write 4 on the paper. Piratically, this seems difficult in DHIS 2. In your experience, how have dealt with this as event program? I have read the post Training register design question to see if I can follow it with respect to event program for groups.

@tkiyemba, how have configured events for each session with relationships to participants as tracked entity instances. Could provide me with the steps you have taken to achieve that?


Hi Hernandez,

First of all go to maintainance and create a relationship under the programmes tab of your choice with a name of your choice. declare it as bidirectional, enter the entity, under the relationship name as you would like to see from the receiving entity, select “event in program or programme stage” for the “from constraint field” and the event program you would like to link to under the program field. Select tracked entity instance for the “to constraint”, the tracked entity type and the program that is registering your tracked entities. The relationship will be created.


hi @Natalie_Tibbels

Looking at this passage. If this form were to be configured as either tracker program or event program, from your experience how do you capture the facilitator’s name? In our meetings, M & A officers say that capturing facilitator name is necessary for analysis. At the end of each activity, the facilitator will hand the paper form signed by him/her to the person responsible for data entry in tracker or event program.

Do you need the individual client data in your system (each student’s personal information, which sessions they attended on which day), etc? If not, you could use an event program, where each event is one group. How many facilitators do you have?

For either a tracker or event program, the facilitator name could be a data element. If you have a limited number of facilitators and you know their names ahead of time, a dropdown (option set) will make it easier for analysis. Otherwise you would have to use free text and code it later.

Again, if you are only capturing the group data (date the group met, how many people attended by age/sex, facilitator, topics covered), that will be simpler for data entry but will require your officers to tally from the attendance form. If you are entering each individual’s information, you will have to capture the facilitator for each of them, but less tallying outside the system.

I continue to be interested in this topic of how best to document attendance at community sessions through DHIS2 so hope we can keep the conversation going. I have not been able to get relationships to work the way I’d like (where the relationship is a person belonging to a group).

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