Vote for DHIS2 features & submit your ideas in our new software roadmap process!

Hello DHIS2 Community!

We are excited to introduce a new mechanism for publishing the DHIS2 software roadmap and engaging the DHIS2 community in the prioritization process for new features and improvements. Our goal is to enhance transparency and foster interaction with you.

We are using a tool called Product Discovery to share the list of features that are on our radar for future improvements to DHIS2. We´re referring to these as Ideas, and we want all of you in the DHIS2 community to tell us which functionalities are important to you. With this new tool, everyone in the community can review existing Ideas, propose new Ideas for consideration, and vote for those you would most like to see implemented. You can also see the features that are already on the roadmap for DHIS2 v41, and we’ll be sharing the roadmap for future versions here too.

We also invite you to provide comments and insights on any Idea, regardless of whether you vote for it or not. Your input helps us better understand the Ideas and may influence their prioritization.

In this initial phase, each community member is given 10 votes. It’s important to use them wisely! Note that votes are allocated to individual community members, not organizations, and you need to have a Jira user account to participate. To access the list of Ideas and participate in the process watch this video, or follow the steps in this guidance document.

The voting period is open until February 15th. When planning our roadmap for future DHIS2 software releases, we will analyze the results and take them into consideration alongside the HISP strategy, the needs of the HISP Network and UiO project requirements. The resulting roadmap will be published at the same link shortly after the releases of DHIS2 v41 and will remain open to collect your inputs throughout the year. We`ll also use this tool for publishing future roadmap updates. More detailed communication about these later phases will be shared as they approach.

Take a moment to review the video or the guidance document and make thoughtful choices with your 10 votes before February 15th.

We appreciate your participation in shaping the future of DHIS2!

The DHIS2 team


This is amazing @marta!

Community members, you are welcome to create new topic posts if there’s a need to discuss any of the features mentioned, if you’d like more information, or if you’d like to pinpoint its necessity and encourage others to vote for it. You don’t need to just vote, you can also share in the CoP why you voted. :star2::star2:



Very exciting, thank you! It doesn’t seem the voting feature works, at least for me. I tried in both Chrome and Firefox browsers on Windows. Can you confirm it’s activated?

Hi Luigi,

There was an error on the documentation that has been fixed now.

Sorry about that!

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