⛰️ Do you know what’s the highest mountain in Africa? (November 2022 #copmonthly)

This is a picture of the highest mountain in Africa from a national park in Kenya. The first person to vote for the correct name of the mountain will win the “CoP Activity Winner badge.”

What is the highest mountain in Africa?
  • Mount Elgon
  • Mount Kenya
  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Mount Stanley or Mount Ngaliema

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Voting Closed! Congratulations @ayman.tuffaha for winning!
Missed the chance to vote? (Reply to this post with a favorite picture of wildlife from Tanzania with location info of the picture and you’ll get the badge as well :smiley:, here’s a link with free images to help you. Activity is valid only for the first week of December.)

If you didn’t know, this mountain is located in Tanzania. Why is the voting about a mountain in Tanzania? Well, the top topic of the month in November is a DHIS2 user story from Tanzania!

Top Topics of the Month - November 2022

Thank you Hassan Muhomi (@muhomis) and Rajabu Mkomwa (@rajab_mkomwa) for sharing!

While we’re on the subject of dashboards, we wanted to share a post from Egwuma Efo (@Egwuma) about using a Patient Centered Framework to improve TB dashboards in Zambia and Rwanda. It was posted on the last day of November, which means it did not have time to be a “top topic” yet, but we hope you check it out!

Second top topic of the month is … last month’s #copmonthly :heart_eyes: where we also announced the opening of community presentation submissions for the End of Year 2022 event. Stay tuned with another post during this week about the event and selected participants.

Finally, we’re happy to see a new position open to join the DHIS2 team! The UiO announcement ‘University of Oslo is Hiring - DHIS2 Implementation Specialist in the Middle East’ is the third top topic of the month. To learn more about working with DHIS2 please visit, Careers - DHIS2. BTW, there’s an interesting video there too!

Speaking about career opportunities, there are several dhis2 related positions posted in the #marketplace which might still be open: Search results for '#connect:marketplace after:2022-08-30' - DHIS2 Community

Top 10 Active Users in November 2022

Username Name Country
@Haliz.t IRAQ
@ayman.tuffaha Ayman Tuffaha PALESTINE
@MohinderS MohinderS INDIA
@Nipun_Dasanayake Nipun Dasanayake SRI LANKA
@Ulanbek Ulanbek KYRGYZSTAN
@fernandoshake fernando shake MOZAMBIQUE
@jamal_aljadan Mohammad Jamal Al Jadan SYRIA

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