🎁 Let’s do a community event together (2022) + #copmonthly

Last year we nominated community members who were tagged in the #copmonthly to submit a presentation about their experience in the DHIS2 Community, and this year we’re happy to announce that the doors are open again to all community members who have been tagged in any of the #copmonthly posts.

Please submit your presentations to community@dhis2.org before the deadline: December 1st, 2022. A maximum of three participants will be chosen.

:sparkles:Announcing the #rapidpro tag in the interoperability category:

Top Topics of the Month - October 2022

There’s nothing more exciting than a new DHIS2 release announcement. In no time, the announcement of the DHIS2 2.39 and DHIS2 android app 2.7 release became a top topic, and this is a chance to remind you to set a reminder for the webinar. As active and helpful community members, you are invited to not just watch but also post your questions and comments in the livestream page.

To get a notification when the livestream starts, play the video and then click on ‘Notify me’ chrome_nVHB9bw2xY

Does this beautiful landscape remind you of somewhere? It’s the Republic of Maldives. The first person to vote for the correct location of the Maldives will win the “CoP Activity Winner badge.”

Where is the Maldives located?
  • South Asia
  • In the Caribbean Sea
  • Southwest of Australia and New Zealand

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— Poll closed! Congratulations @Matthew_Boddie for winning! :tada::tada:

Well, this month a top topic is a user story shared from the Maldives. Thank you @Shamah for sharing!

Finally, whomever gets selected for the position announced by WHO in the #connect:marketplace, congratulations! The announcement ‘WHO hiring developer to complete testing/fixes for DHIS2-Go.Data interoperability app’ is the third top topic of the month.

Top 10 Active Users in October 2022

Username Name Country
@Haliz.t IRAQ
@swoodworth Simon Woodworth IRELAND
@chase.freeman Chase Freeman UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
@jetisco4u Jet NIGERIA
@Ulanbek Ulanbek KYRGYZSTAN
@aitor_garrido aitor garrido SPAIN
@festomazuguni Festo Mazuguni TANZANIA
@adrianquintana Adrian SPAIN
@elmoujarrade elmoujarrade MOROCCO
@raju Raju SMG NORWAY

And thanks to all helpful members,

Good Samaritans

Without Good Samaritans, there’s no community! We are very thankful to all users for contributing to the CoP especially when helping other users. Samaritans, thank you for making others feel at home!
@Ulanbek | @raju | @kfeina | @Musfeer | @mutali | @Derebe | @Barnabas_Akumba | @Matthew_Boddie | @mkannan | @rithvik | @Cezero_BALTAZAR | @SamuelJohnson | @MiltonIsaya | @Akoth_Ondiek | @e4eDHIS2 | @chase.freeman

Bug Hunters

Many users who faced issues and discussed them with the community were very helpful in finding bugs. These bug hunters create Jira issues (with link to the CoP post) and support the development of DHIS2.
@linxd | @jetisco4u | @janagha | @Ulanbek | @kfeina

Feature Finders

We do tag feature finders in every #copmonthly so if you have features that you’d like to share and discuss with the community feel free to make a post in the #development category as well as share the link to the dhis2.atlassian.net feature request issue so other members can watch and vote. :+1:

#copmonthly map

Please feel free to PM if you want your picture updated/removed; if you are tagged below but can’t see your picture, please send us your country info and/or your profile picture.

Want to be added to the copmonthly map?

  1. Complete your profile info (profile picture + country)
  2. Members with the above info are tagged in the map when they help other community members

Sure to submit a presentation. Please what is the format for the presentation.

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Please remember to heart and share! :revolving_hearts:

Thanks @jetisco4u! Will be very happy to see your submission. Regarding ‘a template’/or format some have asked the same question, but there’s no specific template, please feel free to express yourself and present your experience.

After the deadline, the Training and Communications team will assist the selected participants with their presentations.

This is also a good chance to send one final notification to all nominated participants. We’ve started receiving submissions and promising remarks so hopefully you will be able to send your submission before the deadline. Please feel free to ask us any question you might have.

@ddaley @Calle_Hedberg @Shamsdine_Ndaw @Josue @Chala.Wakshuma @Paul @alanivey @jthomas @raju @ToufikHossain @IErnesto @simbachiri @Emma013 @Matthew_Boddie @Norah_Stoops @Wut_Yee @jaime.bosque @dguambe @ifeanyiokoye @linxd @mkannan @fernandoshake @rassoulseck @kose @Denilson @dmnscar @plinnegan @potlaki @sele @vikwato @Adisu_Adugna @Onachi @INyabuto @coitemanuel @diallotafsir52 @mbayefdieng @barbietunnie @Meky @Nancy_Kinyua @Neeraj_Gupta @didate @Guy_Ekani @dannyboy @Filipcl @kasozis @Sabri @Stephan_Mestach @Clara @etembo @fmwesigwa @antony.sibanda @gastonharera @carlos.massavanhane @julhas @Natalie_Tibbels @Kabango_Malewezi @HaydnJ @Haliz.t @Derebe @jetisco4u @katherinelew @Jermacias @Dandyson24 @Gaks87 @Habiba_Atify @cwidanage @Kris_Reinhardt @Monjur @Musfeer @mmpeete @kwebihaf @dejwold @kstankevitz @OleksandrM @muhomis @jomutsani @vincentminde @Edward_Robinson @sybghat @andualem.aklilu @MiltonIsaya @tuzoengelbert @khatman @WumiOjo @Eric_Boyd_Ramirez @kfeina @JIMENEZ_POMARETA_Ram @Barnabas_Akumba @stevie @alijm @Waheed @Michael_Mwebaze @ekhalil @asacur @aitor_garrido @Namibia @mykbitz @Roshan.Konda @nnkogift @Yassin @hernandezmachava @johanfsk @DEBLOSKY @RaTED_S @Don_Vieira @e4eDHIS2 @Aboudramane_Bathily @antonia @stephocay @elmoujarrade @Pundor @sagbodjan @Amza @chase.freeman @Akoth_Ondiek @Christian_Rechdan @ctejo @moses_mwale @mohammadayub864 @Ulanbek @ifoche @vmevada102 @Abumere_Ejakhegbe @sanis @mamuha @Danford_David @joao.machiana @mauricejm @SamuelJohnson @Orly_MUGWANEZA @lens_Kamdem @SferaDev @Yotam @Sozanga_Sanou @cyen @mutali @chingalo @ArayaK @josephatjulius @jimiolaniyan @Hannan @ckambobe @Saleh_Shams @stengesdal @pmpdelcroix @festomazuguni @janagha @Nelson_Gahima @swoodworth @dmbantu @vplesca @SherpaY @Vidhi @bridget @ferdinandmussavene @fernando @matumonajoao @sosewe @Shamah @Pacifique_Hategekima @rithvik @Gerald_Thomas @hastingsmtawali @coolsinghbro @WaluQ @rbarriosparra @Cezero_BALTAZAR @sgaudon @Miora @adrianquintana @waviles @djhag @ismail @lillian1n2 @lebaldem2 @dboone @stirone @amuchanga @Kenyuri

Looking forward to see you in the event as well as seeing your submissions.