Disaggregation using Option Sets for the Dashboard

I’m trying to disaggregate my program indicators by options sets set to the attribute and for some reason my options aren’t appearing. These are the steps I have taken to add the option set to the dashboard.

  1. Create option set:

  2. Assign option set to attribute:

  3. Create option group for each option:

  4. Create an option group set:

  5. When I add the option group set to the Category section of the Data Vizualizer, it shows no items.

Is there something I did wrong here? The same steps are working for aggregate reports + category option sets. I checked on dhis2play and we don’t have an example of a option group set so I couldn’t check an example implementation.

Thanks in advance!!

Disaggregation of an indicator is possible during the creation of program indicators using the filter option, so I don’t understand why you are creating option groups?

I think you will find this session useful:


@Gassim I’m aware of disaggregation using the filter in creating the program indicator. However, in order to filter a program indicator on the actual dashboard based on particular option sets, you need to create the option groups sets. In summary, we don’t them pre-disaggregated. We want to disaggregate them on the dashboard using the filter option:

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Good question! Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t remember reading/learning about this so thanks for asking @Clara. I’d like to learn this too! :+1:

Hi @Clara,

To follow up, I asked @tracker-analytics for support and I’d like to quote @brian:

Currently only data dimensions are supported to be filtered on dashboards, i.e. organisation unit group sets, categories, org unit group sets. Analytics - DHIS2 Documentation

There is no way to create a disaggregation on program indicators. [You] would need to create a separate program indicator for every disaggregation (like Male0-5, F0-5, M5+, F5+), and if necessary, export those data to an aggregate data element, with categories for each required disaggregation.


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I had a similar issue :
Can I have a Program Indicator that have categories based on optionset - Support - Assistance technique - DHIS2 Community

if you cannot generate aggregated data elsewhere, you can use the APP PDAC that allow you to generate (and maintain) sub indicator, and it also generate a dataset from those indicators (you just have to download and to import it to update the dataset)


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Thanks for sharing @pmpdelcroix! @Clara I hope the app will perform the indicator disaggregations for you.