10 Most Frequent Program Indicators in Dashboard

Hello everyone, I have a problem with program indicators, I am currently using an optionset of 10,000 data, and I created 10,000 program indicators for each of the optionsets. The problem I have is that I cannot make charts on the dashboard with more than 500 program indicators. Is there a solution to plot the 10 most frequent without having to create so many program indicators?

Hi @sfh

Thank you for your post. Honestly, one could spend a lot of time experimenting in a technical way to find a solution for 10000 values, but program indicators are meant to be simple so it’s not clear why you’d needed to create a program indicator for each option in an option set? It might be easier for me and other community members to help understand as well as find a solution, if you share the use case itself.


Agree with @Gassim , would be interesting to hear more about the use case.

But, if we can assume that these are event type program indicators based on values from an option set…
You could maybe try an Event Report or Event Chart for those values, and Go to Options > Hide Empty Rows.

If there are more conditions to your program indicator, or an event report won’t be sufficient… Have you considered what the distribution of values to this option set data element (or TEI Attribute) actually are? I would think that a much smaller subset of options (5-20) are most frequent. The Program Indicators for these options could reasonably fit onto a chart, and you could create a “OTHER” PI that captures all the remaining values together.

In filter for “Other”:
d2:hasValue(#{PS_ID.DE}) && #{PS_ID.DE}!="Option1" && #{PS_ID.DE}!="Option2" …etc

I was thinking something similar–also in event charts you can actually sort “low to high” and “high to low” which may be able to be useful.

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