[DHIS2 Android] The all-new DHIS2 Android App


(Android) #1

The all-new

DHIS2 Android App

2.29 and 2.30 compatible

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  Our new DHIS2 Android App is officially launched

  The new DHIS2 Android App allows offline data capture for event and tracker programs. Data and metadata are automatically synchronized whenever there is internet access.

Read the documentation here
for details of all enhancements, the supported DHIS2 functionalities and recommendations for a field deployment.

What’s new?

  • Configurable App theme and icon
  • Easier login and enhanced data protection
  • Attractive, user friendly navigation
  • Fully functional while offline
  • Integrated search/registration for tracker
  • Improved tracker dashboard
  • Pictorial data entry for events
  • Event completeness information
  • And more…
    Find out more details

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(Sam Kasozi) #2

We would like to start a pilot using the new Android App. Testing the current version revealed a number of bugs in the skip logic and hide/unhide of objects. When can we expect the next release of the updated Android app?

(Pablo Pajuelo Cabezas) #3

Hi @Kasozis
I can’t confirm the exact date yet, but we are very close to release. :slight_smile:

(Sam Kasozi) #4

That’s good to know.