Data import: Unable to view Data values in Data Entry screen

Hi everypne,

I am using a DHIS 2 version 2.33.3 I have imported Data values through Import-Export App. Data values are imported; attached is the screen on Sierra Leone DEMO, but and they are not present in Data Entry screen, nor are they present in the report.

CSV file that was imported

I deleted the last 4 columns from the excel spreadsheet, as they are not required.

Any help is appreciated

  1. Hope you didn’t do dry run by typo.

  2. Hope you are checking the correct organisation Unit and data value. Shall we double check the IDs match?

  3. Do you have access to catalina.out under tomcat directory? Sometimes errors gets popped up there. May be you can share use catalina.out during the time of import.

  4. On a layman approach, shall we do Analytics run, browser cache clear both inside dhis2 and through browser settings.

Hi @jthomas

I reimported the CSV file and the data is now present in the screen form January to May.

But, I see no data in the report although I have run the analytics, cleared browser cache.