Data Entry doesn't show values populated through Data Import from CSV

Hello team,

I created a Data set using the custom form method and properly assigned all the data elements to the inputs. This form has Category combinations and even these are properly mapped. I can even capture data from the Data Entry App and these show correctly. The problem is when I import using a CSV file, am not able to see imported data on the Data Entry App, even after navigating to that period. The import shows completed, without any error. What could be causing this? Could it be that the custom form do not allow Data Import?

P.S: When I do the import to a dataset/form that is created from the front-end, the values show in the Data Entry form.

@mountain any data that you can enter using a form can be imported.

The problem may be through a number of things!

The most common is the differences between mapping for Category Combination vs Data element in the import and on the dataset.

Are you able to extract any data through pivotable when you choose those data elements, Organisation units and period you are importing for?

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Hello @dmaritim

Thanks for your input. Please see below how am mapping the data:

If I have an input field as below, the combinations are in the table

< input id=“DHrdY6Bx8rb-NpyXyJACoRb-val” name=“entryfield” title=“Pulmonary " value=”[ Pulmonary]" />

dataelement period orgunit categoryoptioncombo attributeoptioncombo value
DHrdY6Bx8rb 2020Q4 pqPSJ16YdZ5 NpyXyJACoRb NpyXyJACoRb 1

Is there anything that am missing with Dataelement and CategoryOptionCombinations?

Once more, when I import, the job summary doesn’t show error nor conflicts. It rightly shows created or updated accordingly.

Surprisingly, the Pivot Table shows the imported data.

@mountain that attributeoptioncombo may be the problem.

Confirm if it is the default attributeoptioncombo.

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Hi @dmaritim ,
I found them on that instance already. The process was creating an html and loading it via source on “Design Data Entry Form”. I then assigned the Data elements that matched my inputs. Is there a way in which I can solve the default attributeoptioncombo problem?

I also ran: api/categoryOptionCombos?filter=name:eq:default
And the ID that I got as default is not part of the IDs in the form. I doubt it is the attributeoptioncombo is default.

I also find this could help