Changing labels on visualizations

Hello World!

When making data visualization and where applicable - the name of the datelement/indicator is shown in the graph/vizualisation. Is there a way to replace it with a label?

The reason for this is that we have so many variables (often collected in other systems) that we need a strong naming convention (as encouraged). But the names becomes hard to read.

It would be enough to use the Description field, but whatever override of the name would be great - even the option to use a ‘dictionary’ in the visualization.


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Hi @gutorm

Thank you for your idea. Unfortunately this is not possible out of the box; however, as you can see in ideas, community members can suggest such feature requests and are encouraged to share with the community to encourage voting if the feature will be helpful to other implementations.

Thank you!

This is definitely a long-standing important need! I know there is also the solution to use short names (and an admin can use the system settings to force short names to be used in analytics for all users), but then there is an issue where the text should be duplicative but not possible using DHIS2 shortnames (which must be unique, similar to name and code). I wonder if this has been added to Jira / part of the workplan.

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Amazing point @lnunez!

This is probably going to help in @gutorm case - I hope, since short names can be enforced. I didn’t know that.

I agree

So you mean that the requirement in the use case is that you have the same ‘short name’ for the same metadata but DHIS2 requires that short names are unique. May you share more about the use case?


Sure! Imagine we have a program which includes two data elements assessing satisfaction (e.g., How satisfied are you with X service? How satisfied are you with Y service?). They use the same option set (Satisfaction levels) with 4 options (Very satisfied, Somewhat satisfied, Somewhat dissatisfied, Very dissatisfied). We want to create program indicators summing “Very satisfied” and “Somewhat satisfied” for both questions. If we wanted the shortname to be as clean as possible for a graph, we may name it so that the text “Satisfied” is what appears on both graphs, rather than “X - Satisfied” and “Y - Satisfied”. That wouldn’t be possible since shortname needs to be unique in the system.


Hi @gutorm,

We have done that kind of customization for a custom website through a library developed by us. We will release the library soon (hopefully! :slight_smile: ) We explain more about it on this post and poster, in case you are interested :slight_smile: