Development of the UHC Watch Platform: A DHIS2-Based Tool for monitoring financial protection in Europe and central Asia

This abstract has been accepted at the 2024 DHIS2 Annual Conference

Development of the UHC Watch Platform: A DHIS2-Based Tool for monitoring financial protection in Europe and central Asia

WHO Regional Office for Europe is committed to helping countries in Europe and Central Asia move toward achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). UHC means everyone can use quality health care without financial hardship, and it is one of the Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve this goal, policymakers in the region need to understand how their countries perform on this goal and what policies protect or undermine access to healthcare for people. The WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems Financing, in collaboration with EyeSeeTea and Lushomo, launched UHC Watch in December 2023, an innovative platform to fill this information gap. This platform uses DHIS2 as a repository of all the technical evidence the WHO Barcelona Office generated in the last 10 years for +40 European and central Asian countries (financial protection numbers, policy analysis, technical reports, methodological guidelines). UHC Watch is also more than a data repository. It is a dynamic web portal that exposes critical health financing evidence from the region. It is crucial for policymakers, advisors, academics, journalists, and civil society advocacy groups to formulate informed decisions and policies. UHC watch leverages the capabilities of the DHIS2 framework. It operates on the WHO Integrated Data Platform (WIDP), a significant DHIS2 initiative involving eight WHO departments since 2018. The platform uses React and JavaScript to turn metadata and data inside WIDP into a public web portal. UHC Watch has a user-friendly interface, allowing users to access country profiles for quick insights on how they perform in achieving UHC and what they can do to improve. The platform also includes advanced functionalities like the Indicator and Policy Explorers. These tools enable users to delve deeper into data, monitor trends and perform comparative analyses across different countries and years. Additionally, the platform facilitates the generation of customised analyses, where users can export data and graphics, aiding in a more nuanced understanding of the health financing landscape. UHC Watch is more than an informational platform; it is a beacon guiding the journey towards universal health coverage in Europe and central Asia. It aims to become the one-stop place for monitoring UHC in the region and to demonstrate how DHIS2 and technological tools can facilitate disseminating and translating technical evidence into health policies to improve people’s lives.

Primary Author: Sarah Thomson

health financing, public portal, DHIS2 customizations