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Is there a way for me to assign categories to reports generated from tracker. See image below:

Thus far, I could only use this for data entry. In addition, how do I select which category to assign to “Assigned categories”, under “OTHER DIMENSION”, referencing the image above?

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Hi @Tangy

Categories are in the aggregate data model and not tracker. There is the “disaggregation” categories for the data elements which have values collected in datasets and there are the attribute categories that are attached to datasets (data elements can be used in more than one data set so it helps to differentiate); however, like mentioned it is used in the aggregate model. You can read more about it here: Additional data dimensions - DHIS2 Documentation

Would you please explain more about the use case?


Hi @Gassim I understand categories both for data elements and data sets.

What I would like to achieve however is, for instance, I have created program indicators which allow me to generate reports using Data Visualizer, what I want now is to be able to assign a category dimension for male and female in the reports without having to include male and female in the creation of program indicators as that will be double work for me.

If my indicator is asking number of children adopted, I want to be able to categorize how many male and female, in tracker.

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Unfortunately its not possible. I used to create over 600 Program Indicators once in order to do analysis of the big tool in DHIS2. So, as you said you need to include it in Program Indicator, or try to achieve the same using Event Visualizer. Sometimes its possible to combine two data element and get a viable visual.

You can achieve your objective by ‘integrating’ your tracker data with aggregate data elements which already have the category combos you desire. You will need to create and ‘map’ multiple program indicators to the aggregate data elements. Then you will synchronise the tracker data to aggregate.
There are various tools which can help you achieve this

  1. PDAC tool: will help you generate all program indicators needed for disaggregations using a ‘base’ program indicator. This is especially useful if your implementation deals with a high number of disaggregations (category option combinations) and/or attribution (attribute option combinations). The PDAC tool is an app that can be installed from the DHIS 2 App hub
  2. Aggregate data exchange service will help synchronise tracker data to aggregate by creating an aggregate data exchange and defining parameters to use. However, there are limitations to using this service. Custom scripts can be used to overcome the limitations

You can review the documentation here for more information or watch this video

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