WHO Immunization Analysis app update v1.0.4

WHO Immunization Analysis app is now available in version 1.0.4 using DHIS2 version 2.29 or higher.

It can be downloaded from the DHIS2 App Store: DHIS2 App Hub
or installed through the “App Management” app in your DHIS2 instance using the App Store tab.

  • Updated texts/colors.

    • “Performance - Coverage vs Dropout Rate” is now called “Categorization - Coverage vs Dropout Rate”
    • The title on the performance vs coverage chart is now based on if a full year is covered in the cart or only up to a specific month. For example if the chart contain data for 2019 January to May the title will be “By May 2019”, otherwise the title will be “2018” if it contains data for all months in 2018.
  • Updated colors on the performance vs coverage chart. They are now stronger and hopefully more intuitive.

  • The RIM Export filename now contains date/timestamp when it was created, for example “RIM_export_2019-06-27_16_38_00.csv”

  • The Coverage table now contain the denominator. Also if saving the data to CSV, the CSV file will contain the denominator as well.

  • Previously the Coverage CSV export contained decimals for target age, this is now rounded to nearest integer.


Hi Eric,

We are using it in DRC at MoH.
We are going now to make a regressing test of this version on developpement server and move it on product after.

Congratulations Eric and team



Thank you very much!

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