WHO HIV case surveillance Tracker package - Problem importing three of the dashboards

Hi everyone,

I am testing out the WHO HIV Aggregate and Tracker packages on a fresh test instance. After creating the organisation unit hierarchy, I have managed to get all the metadata imported (following the documentation listed here Installation - DHIS2 Documentation) barring three of the dashboards which fail to import and give a non-specific error about constraint violation when importing.

The three dashboards failing to import are:

HIV CS - 3. Viral Load

HIV CS - 4. TB Preventive Treatment

HIV CS - 5. Epidemic Status

and the error when importing the dashboards is:

Process failed: org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not execute statement

Checking the dhis-metadata-sync.log I see no actual errors for the import, other than it is reporting that three dashboards have been imported when there are actually 6 listed in the json file. I can see nothing obviously wrong with the JSON for the three dashboards that aren’t being imported.

* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,552 (admin) Updating 1 object(s) of type DataElementGroup (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,613 (admin) Updating 2 object(s) of type IndicatorType (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,655 (admin) Updating 25 object(s) of type Indicator (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,746 (admin) Updating 1 object(s) of type IndicatorGroup (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,782 (admin) Updating 1 object(s) of type DataEntryForm (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,807 (admin) Updating 1 object(s) of type DataSet (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,857 (admin) Updating 13 object(s) of type TrackedEntityAttribute (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,905 (admin) Updating 1 object(s) of type TrackedEntityType (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,940 (admin) Updating 4 object(s) of type ProgramStageSection (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:33,980 (admin) Updating 3 object(s) of type ProgramStage (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:34,065 (admin) Updating 1 object(s) of type Program (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:34,131 (admin) Updating 2 object(s) of type EventChart (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:34,188 (admin) Updating 4 object(s) of type EventReport (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:34,271 (admin) Updating 116 object(s) of type ProgramIndicator (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:34,775 (admin) Updating 2 object(s) of type ProgramIndicatorGroup (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:34,832 (admin) Updating 37 object(s) of type ProgramRuleVariable (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:34,899 (admin) Updating 47 object(s) of type ProgramRuleAction (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:35,001 (admin) Updating 33 object(s) of type ProgramRule (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:35,116 (admin) Updating 3 object(s) of type Map (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:35,231 (admin) Updating 60 object(s) of type Visualization (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])
* INFO  2022-01-18T15:51:35,698 (admin) Creating 3 object(s) of type Dashboard (DefaultObjectBundleService.java [taskScheduler-3])

Has anyone encountered this error before and know of a workaround, or if there is something I can do to better identify the source of the conflict.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @HaydnJ,
Thank you for sharing all the details above, and I’m sure it’ll help experts answering. It might also help to check if there are any errors in the Catalina.log file - please share if there’s (without sensitive info). Does importing this into any of the play.dhis2.org instances fail as well?

Finally, what is the version of the DHIS2 instance that you are using?

Thank you!

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Stupid error on my part. I hadn’t assigned my user account to the correct groups so I was unable to see the dashboards.

The groups are HIV CS- admin or HIV CS- analysis.

My bad!


Thanks for sharing @HaydnJ! :+1::+1: