What's the really meaning of "related program" in program configuration?

I don’t really konw the meaning of “related program” in program configuration, can give some infer?


Hello, the related program optiom is used when you have two programs that have TEIs that have a relationship. I.e one program for pregnant women and you have another program for children. You might want to link a child to a mother in the pregnant women program.

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so ,
Am I need add relationship in relationship management ?
can we add relationship other program’s tei?


Thanks for the answer @Barnabas_Akumba! Does this somehow has to do with the indicators of both related programs?

And if two programs are not ‘related programs’ then it’s not possible to create relationships between the TEI of each program?

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Hi, if I can get some details about the program you are trying to setup, then I can be able to advise better.

Hi @Gassim, relationship doesn’t have to do with the indicators.
Yes. The ‘related programs’ option enables relationships. If it isn’t enabled then the relationships feature won’t work.

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but, how to add more than one related program?

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Good question!

Hi @1111 , at the moment, the relationship feature only works with one program only. You can only define the relationship between one program and another. It isnt possible to setup relationship with multiple programs

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@1111 If you really think that it’s a necessary feature to create relationships between more than two programs then you are welcome to create a Jira feature issue in jira.dhis2.org and discussing this idea with the community will encourage them to add their votes to the issue.

Thank you so much @Barnabas_Akumba!

Within the program that is correct you can only set up one relation only to a program.
Using the Relationship Type will make to programs work with related TEI, kind of achieving multiple relationship per program

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Thanks @tiha! I hope @1111 this is what you are trying to achieve, relationships between TEI in two related programs? :slightly_smiling_face: