Webinar on new DHIS2 software releases: v40 and Android v2.8

Join members of the DHIS2 core software team for a presentation on our latest software versions, which are planned for release this month: DHIS2 version 40 and Android Capture version 2.8!

This webinar will be conducted in both English and French. Register to join us live on Zoom using the links below:

You can also watch a livestream of this webinar here on the Community of Practice or on the DHIS2 YouTube channel.

If you would like to review features planned for these releases, you can find them on the DHIS2 Roadmap webpage. Feel free to add any questions or comments in the thread below!


OK bien noté.

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Noted. Registered for the event.
Thanks for the info.

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@Khoumo, @Mbevi, thank you! :slight_smile:

Excited about the new features. Is it ok to ask question here? I dont see an option to type the question on youtube chat.

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Yes please ask your questions and add comments here! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Whats the benefits of custom calculations over the standard indicators?

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Hi @Daler

Custom calculations are useful for users who don’t have access to create indicators themselves, or if they just want to include a quick calculation without adding another indicator to the system.

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