Web & Android App Development Webinar - Q&A and Discussions

This thread is for questions & answers and general discussion about Web & Android App Development webinar. If you have any questions please post them in this thread.

Si vous souhaitez poser vos questions en francais, nous avons crée un espace francophone ici. N’hésitez pas à vous y rendre et nos facilitateurs francophones répondront à toutes vos questions.


Thanks Alice…

Thanks @aliceal , waiting for the webinar to begin.

I am pleased to be in the webinar now.
I hope we can have discussion on how to promote app development in countries like Afghanistan so that we can customize apps and the DHIS-2 interface in view of local needs.
Thank you.

I’m interested in:

  • an app that allows to bulk edit TE/ProgramInstancesStages and or bulk enroll (is there plans to do something like that?)
  • few new features that i look forward (any plans to implement them?) :
    -cross-stage/cross-program event reporting/analytics compatibility
    -radio button instead of dropdown
    -multiple choices in one data element
    Thank you!

Thanks alice

Thanks. I am new here and glad to be here. Hoping to learn from you and I grow to positively contribute.

Express your interest in joining the DHIS2 Developers Slack workspace and future meetups here!

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You mentioned that even non-developers can contribute to the app development. I am not a programmer but I have interest in app development and I am heavily involved in implementation of the DHIS-2 in my organization. How I can get involved?

With regards to multiple choices, when dealing with an optionset for a certain attribute and/or data element whether it will be possible to have it as multiple choices as in several checkboxes to choose from.

Hi Brenard, Are you asking about having multiple selection for option sets? If so, it’s not avaible yet, but we have it in our plans to develop eventually: https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-3305?jql=text%20~%20"option%20set"

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I am having trouble setting up the application platform on my Mac. Any leads for this. It fails when compiling.

regarding the PWA apps is there any specific module i.e. data-entry/outputs etc. which will be released first ?

Hi Samuel - if you create a new topic here on community.dhis2.org we can help you get it working - please include the exact error message you see when compiling, as well as which versions of Node, Yarn, and @dhis2/cli-app-scripts you are using. (cc @debora)

Good question @besourabh - the first core DHIS2 application which will support PWA and offline mode will be the Dashboard, so read-only data access through the App Runtime (i.e. downloading metadata or analytics) will be covered first. After that we will also add support for post-syncronized data entry, for example in the DHIS2 core data entry app which will be rewritten soon.

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Does the Android SDK consume all the available API endpoints? if not what’s the percentage?

The Android SDK feels quite low level; will there be a higher level API at some point? For example, generic “synchronize everything”.

is there a way to configure 2 servers for read/write:
-1 onsite for local access when at the PHCC/site (faster and reliable when internet drops)
-1 in the cloud (online for when working from home/providing remote support)
the 2 servers are synced/synching both ways

Are there plans to support other Android development tools (like Flutter or React Native)?


One of issues that can be observed with both DHIS2 Android and web apps that I have seen is the verbose/lengthy error/exception messages which makes the debugging a little challenging. Is there some effort going on towards making such error messages more precisely informative at the core level?