We’re stopping maintenance for the old Android apps

We’re stopping maintenance for the old Android apps

Once stopped, they will be available in Google Play during 2020 but the related Jira project will be closed and we will not be fixing bugs.

The timeline for stopping support of the apps is:

  • March: Dashboard App
  • June: Tracker and Event App
  • September: Data Capture App

But there’s no reason to worry - the new & improved Android app is here! The app is compatible and we support 2.30, 2.31, 2.32, and 2.33. And has no breaking changes with 2.29. It supports tracker and event programs as well as Data sets. We encourage you to check it out and test it on your server.

We are always available for support here in the community. Reach out in either Mobile or Support, just make sure to tag @dhis2-android!

To prevent any problems when making the switch to the new app, please consult this paragraph in the documentation: Migrating from the old apps.

We really hope and encourage you to upgrade to the new App, but you can always send us a direct message should this move put at risk your production deployment.