Wanted: webinar panelist with metadata expertise

Hello and Happy New Year -

This year, in partnership with Humentum (formerly with NPOKI, see announcement
), LogicalOutcomes will co-host free public webinars on DHIS2 topics important to the iNGO community.

One of these topics is metadata management.

This is an opportunity to showcase yourself/your work to an international audience.

We are looking for a volunteer to join an upcoming webinar in February (date TBD), someone with expertise managing metadata in DHIS2/and using Excel.


-strong communicator in English

-lots of experience managing metadata within DHIS2 (including use of Excel)

-must be able to join the call, with strong internet connection (audio online), on a week day, between 11 am - 1pm Eastern Standard Time. There are two practice calls in advance, at the same time. Some content will be presented in Powerpoint.

  • use of the Data dictionary app (‘explore dictionary’) and/or knowledge of what UiO is working on in relation to this (ie. what’s on the Roadmap)

If you’re interested in participating as a presenter in this webinar, or you have some helpful information that we could use in the presentation, please reply.

Thank you -


Sara Gaudon

Executive Director

Sara Gaudon, LogicalOutcomes

Skype: sara@logicaloutcomes.net | Toronto 647-478-5634 x103 Washington 202-779-9634 x103

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