3 DAYS LEFT: Have You Voted Yet?

Hello community!!

This message is just a reminder to contribute and VOTE for your favourite ideas, as the voting process will close on Friday this week.

To access the list of Ideas and participate in the process watch this video , or follow the steps in this guidance document .

You can read all details in the the original post here .

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
The DHIS2 team


Thanks @marta!

Dear fellow community members, Iā€™m curious to see:

Have you added or voted for ideas using the tool mentioned above?
  • Yes, I voted
  • Yes, I voted and added an idea as well
  • Maybe next year
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I also noticed an important point in the instructions, I hope others will pay attention to as well:

DHIS2 v42 development work has not started. Voting for this issue will be useful for us to know they are still a priority for you. If an issue tentatively assigned to v42 is important to you, please vote it!

DHIS2 v41 development work is already very advanced and those issues will be released in May 2024. Do not use your votes for those!

:heartpulse: Thanks!