V2.33 I noticed what I think is an issue with the import app, has it ever been reported yet? or has someone noticed it?

Hello everyone,
I use dhis2 v2.33, I noticed whenever I import data that is big to some extent into a dataset, I need to import it twice, in the first import it doesn’t actually import anything and doesn’t give any feedback in the UI, and in the second import of the same data, it imports the data well but still doesn’t give any feedback or summary of the import result on the UI. When I try to monitor the log to know what the problem is, I noticed that in the first import it’s like it only opens the periods first and shows an error message saying the period doesn’t exist, and in the second import, it imports the data and give me feedback only in the log not in the UI that the import succeeded with a summary of the number of items imported. has this issue reported yet?
If you need more details or the log screenshots, I’ll try to provide them when I do my next import

I import meta data from 2.33.2 to 2.33.3, no success.

Hi @hamza,

Thanks for reporting this issue! Would you be able to send us the server logs from when this issue occurs? We have an issue reported that sounds a bit similar to what you are having, you can find it here.


Yes, I get the exact same message mentioned in the issue you linked to.

* ERROR 2019-09-10 14:12:34,972 java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to flush BatchHandler
e2e-test-web_1  |       at org.hisp.quick.batchhandler.AbstractBatchHandler.flush(AbstractBatchHandler.java:298)
e2e-test-web_1  |       at org.hisp.dhis.dxf2.datavalueset.DefaultDataValueSetService.saveDataValueSet(DefaultDataValueSetService.java:1377)
e2e-test-web_1  |       at org.hisp.dhis.dxf2.datavalueset.DefaultDataValueSetService.saveDataValueSetJson(DefaultDataValueSetService.java:623)
e2e-test-web_1  |       at org.hisp.dhis.dxf2.datavalueset.DefaultDataValueSetService.saveDataValueSetJson(DefaultDataValueSetService.java:587)
e2e-test-web_1  |       at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
1  | Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: insert or update on table "datavalue" violates foreign key constraint "fk_datavalue_periodid"
e2e-test-web_1  |   Detail: Key (periodid)=(512) is not present in table "period".

but in the second import, it does not show up again and the import succeeds. so as a workaround when I want to import a big file I first try importing a small file with all the periods, then in the second import, I import the data.
plus if the imported data are big it doesn’t give feedback on the UI only in the log.

Thanks for more information! Please vote on the jira issue to get this resolved as fast as possible :slight_smile:


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At WHO we are using an application called Bulk Load to upload data from excel. It generates templates automatically from any data set or even program on the fly. No complicated mapping needed. You can fill in the template an upload data. During the upload process it also detect duplicates.

The new version of this app was just released in case you wanna check it out!: Bulk Load app 3.5.1 now available
GitHub - EyeSeeTea/Bulk-Load-blessed

Hope this helps!


That’s a good news, thank you for this info.