Utility of Data Validation Importance

Hi! Not sure if this is the right place to ask. Please correct me if it isn’t

This is probably a very basic question but Google or Youtube did not give me a very definitive answer.

I’m currently looking to configure some validation rules. What is the significance of the “Importance” field? If it’s high, will it prevent people from completing their submissions? Is it a filter you can use when running the “Data Quality” app (e.g. Check only medium or high priority rules)?

  • DHIS2 version you’re using - 2.29
  • Operating system and web browser you’re using - Windows 10, Google Chrome
  • Servlet container/Tomcat logs related to your problem. - Don’t know how to check. This is probably not applicable too as I haven’t done anything yet. Just gathering information
  • Web browser console: In e.g. Chrome click Ctrl+Shift+I, then “Console”, and look for exceptions related to your problem. - Same as above. Probably not applicable
  • Actions leading to the problem: Describe as clearly as possible which steps you take leading to the problem or exception - and whether you can reproduce this issue on our demo servers (play.dhis2.org ) - Same as above. Probably not applicable
  • Problem description: Describe the problem clearly, why you think it is a problem and which behavior you would expect from the system. - Same as above. Probably not applicable

Hi Robert,
You cannot filter in the report view, but if you download into Excel or CSV, you can filter.
The Importance field: You may want to mark some validation rules as HIGH when they reveal a serious problem with data quality. An example is reporting more deliveries than births. Every delivery must have a birth outcome. Malaria tested positive more than malaria tested is another good example of data that is wrong and will affect indicators etc. The use of Medium and Low can be applied to checking more ‘grey’ areas. ANC tested for HIV should be equal to ANC1st visit, but we know that in some cases a pregnant woman is only tested at her 2nd or 3rd visit - maybe there was no test kit, or the woman need time to think. I am not sure if this completely answers your question, but hope this helps you


Hi Norah!

Your examples are very helpful. I think the validation rules I added for NCU inborn and outborn admissions and their respective disaggregations by birthweight and gestational age should be High then.

Thanks so much!

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