Using the same data element in multiple stages causing a conflict in event reports?

Hello and happy new year,
Have people had issues with a conflict in event reports when using the same data element in multiple stages? For example, if I have a text data element “type of referral provided” in stage 1 and stage 2 within a tracker program, I am unable to view what referral was provided in stage 1 and stage 2 in the same event report. It makes sense to me in retrospect that it might cause a problem - are others simply creating a different data element for each stage? (referral provided at encounter 1, referral provided at encounter 2)

Hi Natalie, unfortunately this is not available in the event reports app. It will only pull the most recent event between those two stages. You’ll need to make a separate data element for each stage.

This will be included in the new linelisting app we are working on, but that will be at least a year before that is available.

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Great, thanks for the quick response!