Username data element

Hi all,

Please note I am trying to use the predefined data element type “Username” to display the username in a form. The document for DHIS2 2.29 says as below:


I would like clarifications on 2 points:

  1. On the data entry form it displays the “user login id” not the user name.
  2. I am failing to understand on what basis the user login ids are filtered. We have about 300 users but only a limited number of user ids are shown in the list.

Please clarify.

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I had similar issues and logged a similar post on the community. You can find that post here:

I also logged a JIRA issue with some requests relating to this feature. You can track that here: DHIS2-5883

I hope this helps.

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Hi @Terence_Scott,

Thanks for sharing the info.

FYI, I am seeing only about 30 user ids not all from my system. We have about 300 users in our system.

@dhis2 Team, Is there any update on this issue?