TEA Value type - Username: Shows all users in system and does not auto-complete the username

Hi All

I am currently using the Value type: Username in a tracker program (with registration). The description in the documentation (User Guide v2.30) mentions that the currently logged in user’s username will be automatically filled in this field (which would be ideal for our use). However, this is not the case.

The TEA is currently enabling the end user to select a username from a list of ALL users in the system (including those that are not attributed any rights or access to this specific program) and does not automatically complete the field based on the current user’s username.

Has anyone else encountered this, or is there some error in my setup?

I have looked through JIRA and could not find any relevant topic.

I am running v2.30 build revision 853d10f on Windows 10, Chrome.


I suggested that type of functionality a LONG time ago (Jira DHIS2-605), and it’s possible that it somehow triggered this development, but there’s no comments or progress related to the issue so it’s possible valuetype “username” was introduced due to some other request.

I have confirmed that the trunk version also ONLY provide a drop-down list of all users, it does NOT automatically insert the current username. Setting up a program rule to auto-insert the current name is not supported either because there’s no built-in variable for (whether UID or code).

Please NOTE, though, that having this valuetype ALWAYS defaulting to currentuser is very restrictive and highly limiting - you will no longer be able to use this valuetype for ANY attribute (and in future hopefully data element) where you want to capture a user name (whether the current one or another one).

So I would prefer that the basic valuetype stays as it is, but that you can use a program rule to auto-fill the currentUser where appropriate.

So please consider that when you write a jira issue for it!


Thanks again for your input Calle.

I have created a JIRA issue with your considerations. Please feel free to add any information that I may have missed. 1. DHIS2-5883