URGENT: Pivot tables, Event reports (All analytics) are not working

Hi Support.

Please note, all of a sudden the Event Reports, Pivot Tables, Event Visualiser etc (guess all analytics reporting apps) stopped working. The Tracker Capture app works without any issues.

Any help to restore the Analytics apps side is very much appreciated.Kindly note we are stuck and could not do any reporting now.

Thanks in advance.



@MSP Please let us know the version you are using and what error do you get? Anything in the logs?

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My apologies for missing the version details. We are using:

Version 2.29, Build 0b4de69

Please let me know how and which log to check.


Do you think the Analytics tables were refreshed/cleared recently (from the Data administration -> Maintenance -> Clear analytics table)? If you have access to the server logs (tomcat logs) it could give an indication of what might be causing the issue when accessing analytics related apps.

I am guessing the analytics table might have been cleared. So triggering the analytics export from [Data administration -> Analytics Table -> Start Export] might solve the issue. Note that it will take around 20 minutes or more ( depending on the volume of data you have) for the generation to complete.

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Hi @Ameen,

Thanks for your time.

No, no one cleared it. BTW, I don’t see “Analytics Table” option under “Data Administration”. Please see the pic below:


Please note we are using DHIS2 2.29.

On the other hand, can I “Clear the Analytics table” and “Generate resource tables” (3rd option)? Will it resolve my issue?


You can directly choose “Generate Resource Tables”. It should clear first and regenerate.

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I tried. No use :tired_face::cry:


Please try to share relevant section of the log file. If you are running in tomcat, the tomcat log output file will have the details of the error. Use the affected app and share the logs from the same time frame.

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In 2.29 to rebuild Analytics go to Reports -> Analytics, and click “Start export”.


Thank you @Jim.

That is what we did yesterday a couple of times and no use.

But today early morning we restarted the server, NGINX service and DHIS2 and everything became normal. It is strange. I should say we are lucky.

Thanks @Ameen and @Jim for your time to help me.