Update event working only in 2.36 version

I created an event program (first in my life), and “Save” not working if I try to edit an existing event.
Works only in version 2.36; in 2.37 & 3.38 exist problems.
_2022_05_27-Meta-Out-users.json (396.8 KB)
Metadata are attached, unfortunately in Romanian (in English version) & Russian :slight_smile:
If someone wants to try: an event must be saved and then field II.2 must be edited - in most cases there will be a problem when saving.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @vplesca

Can you include a stack trace/log file from your server when you attempt to edit the event? This will help the dev team in trying to track down the problem.


Hi @jason,
1) I did not attach the logs, because I did not see any problems in them. Now, all that contains some information is attached. I have included all the logs in a “word” document (I can’t attach documents with the “.log / txt” extension).
2) When editing an event + “save” DHIS does not display any message and does not react. Not permanently, but changing the field II.1 most often does not allow saving.
3) In “developer tools” (Chrome) there is only one error “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()” that is referenced here “…/dhis/dhis-web-commons/css/light_blue/logo_banner.png”
logs.doc (99 KB)

I see the same behavior on the version 2.38 play instance actually when trying to edit a random event.

Screenshot from 2022-05-30 17-02-18

You did not see this in the browser?

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I do not see this error…

Are you still facing this issue? I can assure you the error you see about the logo_banner is not the issue.

I imported the metadata JSON file attached above and was able to reproduce the issue (I hope it’s the same issue you see in your browser Network requests):

I’m tagging @tracker-backend for support on this. Thanks!

I have not installed the last version ( on my comp or servers, but you are right: On play.dhis server the error is as in your picture. In older 2.38 versions this error did not appear, the app just crashes.

And unfortunately, yes: for this application + one more, I am still using the 2.36 version. And in fact, I stopped translating DHIS2 into the Romanian language…

on play instance, I have the same error. On installed instance on my server app just crashes without any mess.
On play instance version is 2.38.1, on my server is 2.38.0