Upcoming webinar on DHIS2 Maps, Friday 26 March at 11.00 CET

Dear Community members

Join us for a high-level overview of DHIS2 Maps on Friday 26 March at 11:00am CET.

The application of GIS to public health holds great potential for improving our understanding of the ecology and cause of complex health issues. The key benefit of using GIS is that it can summarize a large amount of tabular data into visual maps that can be very insightful for the planning and evaluation of public programs. We will also present exciting new features from the upcoming 2.36 release.

This GIS webinar will mark the start of our 2021 Maps & GIS Academy program. Because our goal is to put more emphasis on real-world skills and projects, this training program will also include a 2-day workshop on 29-30 April. The workshop will focus on the principles of GIS use, key concepts, on how to combine health data and other relevant layers (population, climate, land use and others) and most importantly will equip participants to use DHIS2 Maps in every work.

While attending the 2 events is not mandatory, we highly encourage you to participate in each of them to significantly increase your knowledge and get to know the best practices when it comes to Maps & GIS.

Complete the form to register to the webinar and/or to the 2-day workshop here.


Concerning the Webminar for Maps & GIS, will certificate be given.

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Hi Nitum

We do not give certificates for attending the webinar. You will get a certificate of attendance at the end of the Workshop scheduled on 29-30 April, to which you also had the opportunity to register. Thank you. Alice

How make boundaries layer update based on your orgunit filter at the dashbord side.

Hello, I could not see the link to join the webinar. Thanks

Hi Felana

I sent you a message with the link. Thank you. Alice

Hi Souleymane
Could you please ask your question on Webinar on GIS&Maps, Friday 26 March, Q&A thread: Add your questions and comments below! - Capacity building - Renforcement de capacités - DHIS2 Community
Thank you.

Ok, thanks Alice