Understanding Tracker/Event Data

I’d like to understand a few things as below:

  1. Why is data that was entered retrospectively showing a future date on the tracker app on the web interface, see below:

    The above is data entered on the 5th but enrollment is showing as 6th of May.
  2. The same data is not reflecting in event reports despite the fact that analytics was generated.
    Please assist on why we have such differences, many thanks.

AnthonyTracker Capture.docx (106.0 KB)

Hi @akaleso,

Thank you for reporting your issue and sorry for the delay.

What version of DHIS2 are you using?

The reason the date could be different could be due to the time zone of the server. Maybe you can check the date stamp of the server under the About page?

For the analytics issue, make sure it is not because of analytics cache.

Best regards,