Translation of DHIS2 to Ukrainian

(Monika Sigrist) #1


My organisation would like to add Ukrainian as a language in which the DHIS2 platform is available (user interface and certain apps). We have translators available who can do this, but I would like some support in terms of knowing what needs to be translated, the best format to share the translation, and making this available on the DHIS2 platform. Any help and advice is much appreciated!

Many thanks,



(James Omutsani) #2

Hi @monika,

This is a great initiative and we would love to work together in ensuring that you, as a user, are satisfied. My colleague @kjerstin is an expert in this and will offer her sound guidance on how to go about this.


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(Philip Larsen Donnelly) #3

Hi @monika,

That would be a welcome contribution and we are happy to support you!

The process for adding translations to the DHIS 2 platform is documented here:

Hopefully that has enough information to get started and explains the files and formats for localization.

One of the options (probably the easiest if you want to share the translations) is to use the online translation service. However, the person who is managing that told me recently that there is a problem with that platform preventing updates. We are therefore considering moving to another localisation platform.
Alternatively, it is possible to create the translations with the offline tool and merge back the changes later. We can help you with that too.

If you let me know the timescales you are thinking of for doing the work, then I can get more information and put you in touch with other members of our team as necessary. Feel free to message me directly if you wish.

Thanks for the initiative, and kind regards,


(Jason Pickering) #4

@monika I help to coordinate the translations for DHIS2, and @phil asked me to respond to you. As Phil mentions, we have a few challenges with the current translation workflow, however, it will work. To get you started, we will need to make a few changes to the core source code, but I can take care of that.

The easiest way probably is to use the online translation service which we have here ( You and your translation team can sign up for an account there after. I would suggest that you start [here] ( . These are the core translations on the Java server. After that, there are quite a few apps which need to be translated. I can add those in due course, but its usually good to get started with the core translations first.

After you have finished that piece, please let me know and I can sync that with the source code for DHIS2.

Are there any apps in particular you are interested in translating? I would probably suggest to start with data entry and the pivot table app, since many users tend to use those apps, but it will depend a bit on your circumstance.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


(Monika Sigrist) #5

Thanks @jason, this is very helpful, and more than enough to get started! I will get in contact with the translation team and start with the DHIS2 Server Core translation. The apps I am particularly interested in are: Tracker Capture, Pivot Table, and Event Reports.


(Jason Pickering) #6

@monika I have setup the projects here. You just need to start by creating accounts on that server, and then you should be able to begin the translation process. If you need any help, feel free to reach out.


(Monika Sigrist) #7

Hi @jason, just letting you know that the Ukrainian translations should be complete in the next few days (latest tomorrow hopefully!). How long will it take to sync this with the source code for DHIS2 i.e. how soon can I get it on our instance of DHIS2 once the translation is complete?

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(Jason Pickering) #8

Hi @monika It will take at least a few days for us to integrate the translations into the master branch, where you can review them. What version of DHIS2 are you using?

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(Monika Sigrist) #9

We are using v2.30. We are running a workshop in Ukraine next week Tuesday (2nd April) which has a DHIS2 training component, which is what all this work has been for. Would it be possible to have it ready by then, if I can finalise the translations today/early tomorrow?

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(Jason Pickering) #10

@monika the turn around time is extremely short. I cannot make any promises that it will be possible. It would have been much better to have a bit more time to get these integrated. Please let me know ASAP when they are completed. Are there any particular modules/apps which would be more important to have?

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(Monika Sigrist) #11

@jason - in which case, please consider the translations completed! We have completed 98% of the translations. There are little niggles with the other 2%, but given the time constraint and the work that has been put it, we would rather have something to show next week, even if it isn’t 100% perfect!

Of the 4 apps translated, the order of priority would be:

  1. Tracker Capture
  2. Server Core
  3. Pivot Table
  4. Event Report
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(Monika Sigrist) #12

Hi @jason - just checking whether this is going ahead, and whether I can get an estimated date/time when this will be available.

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(Jason Pickering) #13

Hi Monika,
I have already integrated the core translations and translations for the data entry module into the latest development version. It would be good if you could have a look at it here.

Its going to take a bit more time to get them into your targeted version of 2.30, since we have to backport the translations to these versions. Could you have a quick look at the dev server and see if the translations are appearing as intended? After that, I can try and get them into previous versions.

I cannot give you a definitive timeline at this point, but will do what I can to try and get at least those four modules into a 2.30 build as soon as possible.



(Monika Sigrist) #14

Hi @jason,
I’ve had a look around in the demo server and from what I can tell it’s all there and displaying correctly. Thank you for the update, and for pushing this through despite the tight turnaround, this is really exciting!

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(Monika Sigrist) #15

Hi @jason,
Any possibility of getting the Ukrainian Interface language into our DHIS2 instance by close of business tomorrow? We managed to shift things around in our workshop agenda so that the data entry element is only on Wednesday this week, in the hopes this gives you as much time as possible.

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(Jason Pickering) #16

Hi @monika,

Thanks for following up. I have updated the translation server to include all apps here .

Due to the way in which DHIS2 is released, we were not able to include your translations in an updated version of 2.30 in time to meet your deadline. Apologies for this, but we will need more advance notice to work with you on getting these changes incorporated into your targeted version.

I will continue to work with the development team to get your contributed translations incorporated into versions down to 2.30, but I cannot provide you a timeline at the moment of when they will be fully available. The best place to check is on the current development version of DHIS2, as this is where we originally target the translations.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Best regards,

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(Monika Sigrist) #17

Hi @jason,

Thanks for the update - I was wondering whether you are closer to having the Ukrainian translation ready? Our timeline is for the project to go live at the end of the month, so really hoping it can be ready for then.

In addition, the project is likely to expand to include several more Baltic states, and there may be budget available for translation. To avoid a similar situation, is there a general timeline you can share i.e. if we want additional interface languages in the system and widely available to our users by October this year, what sort of timeline do we need to follow to ensure we give the DHIS2 team enough time to make this happen?



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(Jason Pickering) #18

Hi @monika
Thanks for your mail and exciting to hear about the translations! I have incorporated all of the translations which were on the translation server into the current development version of DHIS2. If you have had time to review that, and it looks OK, then we can try and start to backport them to your desired version.

I have done quite a bit of work recently on the translations server, and have brought all of the projects (except for this core which I will explain a bit about later ) up to date. If you check, you will see there are now many missing Ukranian translations, from all of the other apps which were not originally translated. If you need the entire project fully translated, you would also need to translate all of these apps as well.

Let me check with the development team about specific dates, but at least a few weeks for sure.

Hope this helps. /Jason

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(Monika Sigrist) #19

Hi @jason,

We have translated all the apps we will be using for our programme (Tracker Capture, Pivot Table, Event Report). We don’t really use any of the other apps, so this is all we plan to translate. The translations that are currently on the dev server have been reviewed and it all looks really great!

Looking forward to getting this backported to our version of DHIS2 (v2.30).



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