The Nature Conservancy (TNC): DHIS2 supporting conservation in Eastern Africa

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The Northern Tanzania Rangelands Initiative (NTRI) in Tanzania is the first of TNC Africa’s programs to adopt DHIS2 for monitoring and evaluation. A partnership of ten organizations, NTRI works with pastoralists and hunter-gatherers to secure land and resource rights, support effective local governance, and promote reproductive health, economic development, agricultural productivity and climate resilience.

In 2017, TNC reached out to LogicalOutcomes to set up DHIS2. To date, four NTRI partners report on several datasets: land use planning, land tenure security, governance and natural resource training, landscape-scale wildlife transects, and wildlife protection effort. A selection of analytical tables and maps are in use and help visualize results.

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I wanted to share a piece of our work that may help you with your use case!
WHO has been working on a application to extract data from Google Earth Engine and bring it into DHIS2.

The application extracts values from any data set provided through Google Earth Engine for a given subset of DHIS2 OUs (using their coordinates), a certain period and datasets/variables mapping and injects them into a DHIS2 data set. It also allows to easily integrate national observations (if available).

The application was developed by EyeSeeTea and it is available for free at the following repo:

Hoping it will help you populate your DHIS2 with other variables!


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