The DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference kicks off today - Opening remarks and "What is new in DHIS2"

The DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference starts today Monday, 21 June, at 13:00 Oslo time (CEST). We are thrilled that over 1500 participants have registered to join us this year.

Bård Vegard Solhjell, Director General of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
will deliver the opening remarks, followed by Professor Kristin Braa, head of the DHIS2/HISP project at Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Oslo (UiO).

What’s New in DHIS2
In this session starting from 13:30, HISP-UiO team will be presenting an overview of DHIS2, including the most recent country-driven improvements.

You can post your questions ahead of, during, or after the session. Our speakers will check this thread for questions, and select some for responding to in the session, or follow up after the session has ended. Feel free to respond to other questions or add to them if you have something to follow up with.


Questions during @Markus Tracker presentation:

From @smthimkhulu:
Are there any algorithms that you have used that had improved the performance drastically?

From @Yashiindi:

HI Everyone,

I still wonder why one cant combine stage attributes and data element in a one record for reporting.

Matt: One can create line listing reports in Event Reports with attributes and data elements from different program stages in one program. Is this what you would like to do? If you are still having issues, please post about it on the CoP (and feel free to tag me)

From @ifeanyiokoye:

Hello Everyone. What is the plan for the event report app?

@Scott Event reports is being replaced. We are aiming to release the new app in 2.38. More on that on Friday.

From @Amza:
Hello Everyone, Are you changing the date picker in Event, because the current is not user friendly

Questions during @jose Android presentation:

From Ayman Tuffaha:
I am wondering if we would like to migrate some of our live (production )instances from 2.33.0 to 2.34.4 it will be easy process or it will be complex? any documentation available at DhiS2 community for migration process ?

From EKANI Guy (CMR):
Please we want to display Datavalue on Maps

From Seyi Abolarin:
Great question @Ekani. It will be nice to have a Datavalue

From @marta:
Hi @Guy_Ekani, please join us in the Android experts lounge later today to share details about this interesting feature

At what level is data encrypted when enabled via the Android Settings app? (Field, record, device?) What impact does this encryption have on the performance of searches and filtering?

From @Marta:
@Sam the device dhis2 database is encrypted and the impact on performance is 10-15%

** @Emma_Kassy Ayebazibwe HISP Uganda:**
Do the new android settings affect already logged in devises? Can they affect data sync/uploads? Especially for implementations that take long to access internet?

From @marta:
@Emma, yes, as soon as they sync Metadata

Emma Ayebazibwe HISP Uganda:
Thank you, @marta. I guess am asking whether am like to have challenges with data sync due to a change in android settings?

From Marta Vila:
I see Emma, well, the idea is to use the settings to reduce the volume of your data sync for those cases where syncing is an issue. Changes in the webapp settings will be part of your metadata sync and does not increase it significantly, it should not affect the metadata sync per se, but let me know if I an not properly understanding your question

Questions during @Scott Analytics presentation:

From Gaboy Mazuze:
In which version can we find these new viz features?

From @Shurajit_Dutta:
@Gaboy these chart features were introduced in 2.35
From @jan:
This is a summary of analytics features that were new in 2.35 and 2.36.

From @Matthew_Boddie:
Dope! I assume that zoom isn’t possible on the dashboard view, as well?

From @jan:
You can zoom in scatter charts on the dashboard as well.

@Akira asks if the Advanced Search feature is also available in the Pivot Table?

From @Scott:
Data item search is available for pivot tables in the data visualizer application. It is not supported in the old pivot tables application

Questions during @Lars and @austin’s presentation:

From @Emma_Kassy:
Is it possible to add analysis capabilities to the SMS, especially from unregistered parser?

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Response to the migration question from @ayman.tuffaha:

I am wondering if we would like to migrate some of our live (production )instances from 2.33.0 to 2.34.4 it will be easy process or it will be complex? any documentation available at DhiS2 community for migration process ?

Hi. We have some very basic documentation about the technical process of upgrading here: upgrading
How easy or complex will depend a bit on the size and nature of your implementation, of course. It is always advisable to make sure you understand the changes in the new version and what that might mean for your users; will they need additional training, etc.
I would also suggest that, if you are looking to upgrade, then you should consider upgrading to the latest version possible (i.e. consider 2.36 or 2.35 instead of 2.34 as they will continue to receive maintenance patches for longer).
If you do decide you want to move to 2.34, please note that we will be releasing a new patch version in the next couple of days :wink:

Kind regards,


Hi All, just asking if it is possible to include the ability to insert data value on the displayed Map on DHIS 2 aside from the legend. Thanks

Thank you @phil much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

The recording of this session is now available in the conference videos playlist on the DHIS2 YouTube channel:

@ayman.tuffaha, to add one item to what @phil said, make sure you make a backup of your DHIS2 system before upgrading.

There are often small snags during upgrades, so being able to abandon an upgrade—i.e., revert to the old DHIS2 version and the database backup—will enable you to take more time to sort out any potential problems.

I hope that helps!

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Thanks @ben . Yes, we also address backups briefly in the upgrading link I posted :slight_smile: , but it is worth highlighting that point!

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Hi @Seyi, it is only possible to display data on a map that is stored in DHIS2 using the standard default layers that are available. You can not inject new data into a map directly. Data can be entered into the capture or data entry apps and then after your analytics tables run you will be able to see that data. You can upload your own custom layers that show data that is not available in DHIS2. The custom layers that can be used as a base layer that other DHIS2 layers can be added on top off.

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