Suggest: different start page for different user

I think every users has his/her own start page is more useful.

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Hi @1111,

Thank you for making a suggestion! Maybe other community members would like to discuss this as well.

You know that it is already possible to make a dashboard only shareable and viewable to one user (or certain group of users) and it’s the first thing that starts.

However, my question is what is the alternative in your perception to the dashboard? From your perspective, what should this landing page contain?

Thank you!

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I think every user should set their start page as their well.

for capture, capture app.
for manager,the dashboard.
for systtem manager ,should maintain app…

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Reducing the need for unnecessary navigation is always a good idea!

The easy way to implement a personal start page with the current version of DHIS2 is to create a personal dashboard with the links and features you want at hand. Embedding specific features such as capture or maintainence might require too much web development skills.

If I understand you correctly, what you suggest is that each individual could set the “app” or page they want to go to upon logon based on their personal preference. Or alternatively that the system administrator can control the landing after logon for each person.

Great idea in my opinion!

Best regards,

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yes,you are right!

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You are welcome to create a feature request @1111 in

@Paul thanks for sharing your opinion, if @1111 creates the Jira issue, I will add my vote because I’ve heard this during a dhis2 training, and you can add yours as well!

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OK. I have created a feature request.


Hi folks,

HISP SA has develop an application that can rout individual users to different landing pages. They describe it here: Improve your user experience with Route my User

You can watch a demo video here:

@Elmarie_Claasen or @Djibril_Dione can you weigh in here or provide any more information about how the community can use your application?

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Thanks @1111! I added my vote,

@Scott thank you! I’d love to check out the app, thank you for sharing! I can’t find it in the app hub though.

@Elmarie_Claasen and @Djibril_Dione thank you! :blush:

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I have added my vote too, as I think it would be a useful feature for the platform core.

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