Improve your user experience with Route my User

Do you have multiple user groups and roles on your DHIS instance? Do your users often wish they could be routed directly to their function on the instance after logging in? Do you find low-techy users struggling to navigate to the relevant screens? The good news is that we have built you a simple, easy to use webApp to manage routing your users to where they need to be on your DHIS instance. Be it a DHIS function, a custom URL or even a webApp!

Route my user can add great value to a seamless user experience for programs with multiple user groups and roles. The app allows admins to setup custom landing viewports after logging into a DHIS2 instance based on a user’s role or permission in a project. Join our team from HISP South Africa, Moeti Mphoso and Ameera Hamid for a demo on the 25th between 14.30-15.30.

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