Stuck loading in android

Dear Team,
When the TEI/Event was downloaded less than 1000 in android. the process seem work fine. but when the TEI/Event more than 1000 store in android, the process of loading or click go through detail. it always stuck.
Do we have any recommend to solve it?

Hello @Channara .

We have done tests to successfully download up to 100,000 TEIs. From the picture you sent I see the two arrows in the notification up still there, this could means this are still downloading. Are you using the training App? If yes I would recommend following this guide (Android Troubleshooting (technical guide)) to see with Flipper where the issue might be. Otherwise, could you branch your phone to a computer and inspect the logs? Let us know.


Thank @jaime.bosque ,
My issue is very slow loading after click on program within around 1,000 stored TEI.
I need to clear local storage to make faster running.
do you have any better solution on this.


Hi @Channara . So you are saying that if the App contains more than 1000 TEI, the moment you enter the program makes it really slow? But if there are less it works well? If that is the case, could you share a testing account with me (via Private Message) so I can check? Have you experienced this with other program and/or in several devices?

Also, maybe you are aware that you can limit the download of the number of TEI downloaded with the Android Settings Web App (DHIS2 Android App - DHIS2 Documentation) As temporary workaround until we find out what the problem is.


Hi @jaime.bosque ,
Yes, currently, i reduce download TEI on android phone, by the way, if user entry event or new register to be increase TEI, it will be slow again.


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Hey, @Channara . Is this happening in every device? If yes, could you share testing credentials via private message so I can perform some tests?