SSL certificate does not update

My DHIS2 server certificate does not update automatically and I see the attached when I tried to log in to using android. Please advise.

Hi @Derebe ,

Could you please share SSL details?

Follow the below steps:-

  1. Open Chrome browser/other
  2. Hit the URL
  3. Click on SSL lock and then certificates, a pop certificate box appears.

Share the same details here.

Thank you

Hello @Derebe ,

I have checked your URL and found that SSL certificate was expired.

Please renew SSL certificate and then try to open in mobile application, you will not find any issue.
Snap for your reference.

Thank you

Also use ACM cerbot for automatic renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL.

@coolsinghbro Thank you for your support. I am not an IT person. Do you have time to support me on that? Can I connect you with my IT support team?
Thanks, Derebe

Hi @Derebe , this is a normal message on Android when there are issues with the certificates. AFAIK you are using the certbot to retrieve certificates from LetsEncrypt. I would advice checking their website: Certbot - Certbot Instructions where they describe very well the steps needed to install the certificates and to set the autorenewal if you wish so.

@jaime.bosque @coolsinghbro Thank you both but I am not an IT person and wanted someone to guide my IT team. Anyone please?
Thanks, Derebe

I think if you send the mentioned guide to your IT team they should be capable of implementing. Unfortunately I am not available for this kind of support these days, but maybe someone from the community can guide you. :crossed_fingers:

@Derebe If I’m available, then I will share my availability for this activity.