(Some) indicators using program indicators do not work

Hi, I’m having some weird indicator problems: I have 50+ indicators that are all based on program indicators. Most work well, but a handful return blank in analytics, even though the program indicators making up numerator and denominator work. I don’t see anything in the configuration that is different between the ones that works and don’t work, and there are no errors in the logs. (Yes, I’ve cleared browser + application cache, and re-run analytics just to be sure).

Here’s one of the indicators, referencing two program indicators with no calculations:

  "name": "TB - New notified TB cases confirmed by Xpert (%)",
  "numerator": "#{Ry81r5wNOhd}",
  "denominator": "#{EhkKBkse8w1}",
  "annualized": false,
  "indicatorType": {
    "id": "e1jRVY5Mcq0"

As seen here, the two program indicators return data, but the indicator is blank (I’ve double-checked the IDs in the analytics request, and those are the program indicators referenced in the indicator):

Anyone seen this, or have suggestions for what the problem might be?

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It might be related to this issue we had with aggregate indicators: Indicators Used to Make Indicators and https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-6901.

For aggregate indicators, it is reported as fixed in 2.32 and newer. I don’t know about program indicators, though.

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