Skipping some data elements, during metadata synchronization

Hey Everyone,
I need to know how to skip the synchronization of some metadata during metadata synchronization, for example, syncing only specific data elements and organization unit during metadata synchronization and not all the metadata on the system. Please, can someone help?


Hi @e4eDHIS2,

I hope you are well today. Did you manage to achieve this? kindly let us know.


The metadata sync service is based on the lastUpdated date property. So I think maybe you can try to do following steps:

  1. Create a new metadata sync version ( version_1 ) to export all of current objects, those you don’t want to sync.
  2. Update a set of objects you want to sync ( can use web api ).
  3. Create a new metadata sync version ( version_2 ), this version will include all need objects from step 2.
  4. Do sync only version_2 using endpoint api/metadata/sync?versionName=version_2

Hope it solves your problem.

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