Request-URI Too Long, error

Hello everyone, please I have a few questions and observations related to this:

We are currently running DHIS2 ver 2.34.6.

Firstly, the maximum number of analytics records is set to unlimited. I am trying to download an event report that has 134 events with over a hundred data fields. When I try to download using Excel, I get this error:

The same error shows up when I try to use HTML or CSV.

When I use a plain data source, I only get the first 100 records in the event program. Is this by design or this is a bug?

When I try to use the data dump feature, I get no response but end up seeing the error message below in the browser console.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘concat’ of null
at t.Layout.B.toRows (app.js:7)
at g.A.openDataDump (app.js:10)
at m.handler (app.js:12)
at Object.callback (ext-all.js:15)
at m.onClick (ext-all.js:15)
at m.onClick (ext-all.js:15)
at HTMLDivElement.eval (eval at functionFactory (ext-all.js:15), :6:4)
at HTMLDivElement.c (ext-all.js:15)

Does anyone have an idea of what could be responsible for these issues?

Thank you.


@ifeanyiokoye the error you mention has nothing to do with the other issues per se, but rather is the result of a request being too long for the HTTP server to handle. You will need to break the URL up into smaller pieces (preferably so that the number of characters in the URL is less than 2000). If you are getting this error from an event report, I do not think there is any workaround for this at this point. The URL length must be shorter than a certain number of characters (which depends a bit on your reverse proxy setup). You would need to decrease the number of data fields in the report in order to make the URL length shorter. In practice this means you might need to break a single table up into multiple smaller tables.

A very similar issue is described here Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA.

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Thank you @jason for the insight into this.
My understanding is that this is one of the issues the data dump using the option combined with the update button was supposed to help with.

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