Limited number of downloaded records from Event Reports

Hi, Currently Testing DHIS2 version 2.36 on Test instance for COVID-19 Vaccine Registry and have just noticed that records are limited just 50 when Download from the Event Report in either csv or xls formats. this use not to be case except if you were downloading in advanced format which gives 100 records. I have checked this on on Demo instance for 2.36 on and it also behaved the Same. is there a fix for this or is known issue? when will it be fixed?

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Hi @dachagaoswald,

Were you able to fix it? I tried to do it and it worked fine and I was able to download 493 rows and 21 columns in xls format. This worked on play 2.36; however, it is a known bug for earlier instances:

As Geetha mentioned in the Jira issue above:

“You can set “Maximum number of analytics records” to unlimited,100000 or 200000 to download more than 50,000 rows in the event reports”

Hi @Gassim ,

I have not been able fo fix it. The Test instance is setup with back of Production Instance. The only difference is that Production is running on 2.35.3 while Test is running on 2.36.0.
I am able to Download all event linelist on production (over 800,000) of the Favorite line list on event reports but same download on production give me only 50 records. both instances are already to set to “Unlimited” for Maximum number of analytics records. Other members of our team have tried same on the test instance with same results and so I don’t is a browser problem. .

@dachagaoswald If this bug is related to your use case, perhaps you could try upgrading to v2.36.1 on your test instance and v2.35.6 on production.

The problem
Since release 2.35 the endpoint /analytics/events/query is always paging.
It does not respect the flag “paging=false”.

Fix Version/s:
2.37, 2.35.6, 2.36.2


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The same I replicated on v2.36.1 of which I’m facing a similar issue, the above Fix is on version 2.36.2 updwards. Yet to upgrade and test