Reporting rates not showing on pivot table

Hi everyone,
I created some new forms on our DHIS2 instance and entered some data but we cannot see the reporting rate, actual reports and even expected reports values on the pivot table. Even after running the analytics. However the reporting rates appear in the reports app, so we are able to confirm that the datasets were completed and working.
I am not sure what might be the cause of this. The datasets category combo is default and the instance is v2.31.


Hope you also did a browser cache clean through DHIS2 app and also through browser settings?

Thanks for your response.
I have used the DHIS2 browser cache cleaner and also cleared my browser cache but the data isn’t showing on the pivot table

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Execute the Analytics tables in the Data Administrator


Hi @e4eDHIS2

Starting in 2.33 if you have a category option assigned then you will need to assign the category options to organizational units to produce reporting rates. See Reporting rates not working in 2.33

If you do not have a category option assigned make sure the dateset is marked complete. Next run your analytics, then clear your cache, and recheck.

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