Reporting rates not working in 2.33


We are testing 2.33 in our environment and everything is fine except that the reporting rates are not shown, neither in Pivot tables nor under Reports.(screenshot attached) The screen says successfully loaded the table, but no values are shown. There are no errors shown at the backend also. Analytics is complete and data is present.

Kindly help

Hi @Dipali_Sahu,

We have had a couple reports of this issue, but we have not been able to reproduce in any of the databases we have access to. Could you please share the properties of the data set that is not showing reporting rates:

  • Do they have and category combinations applied?
  • Do they have custom data entry forms?
  • Have the data elements, category options, and data set shared with all users that need to see the reporting rate?
  • Are you able to share the logs or sql logs with us?

Log image attached, log doesnā€™t show any error.

  • Yes category combinations applied to dataset because we capture datasets by donors and projects

  • Yes all forms are Custom data entry forms

  • I checked share settings and they seem to be ok, I am superuser, and in our present Productions ite which is 2.28 the reporting rates are working fine.

Thanks for these. Thank you also for testing first before you upgrade. This is often not the case.

You are correct that there are no errors in the server logs. Can you share with us also the sql logs, so that we can see if actual SQL query that should load the reporting rates 1) exist 2) is correct?

A few more questions:

  • Are you 100% sure that the category options have public viewing permissions? In 2.33 there is a new sharing model and each individual cat. option must be shared for viewing
  • That data sets are marked complete
  • That analytics tables have been run
  • And you have cleared your cache
  • Can you share with us also the sql logs, so that we can see if actual SQL query that should load the reporting rates 1) exist 2) is correct?

Yes we always try do a thorough round of testing before releasing it to field users.

  • Yes,Category options are shared
  • Yes, datasets are complete, analytics run, cleared cache

sql log attachedIMS_DHIS233_SQL.doc (81.9 KB)

Hi Scott, did you have a chance to look the the sql log I had attached

Hi @Dipali_Sahu,

No we have not yet had a chance to, but Tanzania and Uganda have also reported the same issue and we are working with them to identify the cause. We are working off [DHIS2-8593] - Jira

Is this exactly the same issue you are facing?

Best regards,

Hi @Dipali_Sahu,

We have identified that the issue (at least in Uganda and Tanzania) is that attribute category options that are assigned to the data set do not have any organizational units assigned to them. This must be done to enable DHIS2 to calculate the expected number of reports.

To address this issue:

  1. Assign all catigory options that are assigned to a data set to the organizational units you expect to receive a report for.
  2. Run your resource tables. This makes sure that DHIS2 is now incorporating the updates to the category options.
  3. Run your analytics tables - Analytics tables now must be run in order to see reporting rates in any app including the reports app in 2.33 and newer.
  4. Clear your browser cache.
  5. Check to confirm the issue has been addressed.

Please let us know if this solves your issue.

All the best,

Thank you, I will test this out and confirm

Hi, assigning the category options to OU gave the reporting rates both in Reports and Pivot tables.

Thank you

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