Reporting rates blank

Have others had a situation where the reporting rates (expected reports, actual reports, rates) are completely blank? And in the reporting app, when I run the reporting rate summary, it says there are no completed datasets. But I can see that datasets have been completed - I can see in the dataset report, and I can see the data itself in both the data entry app (and that it was “completed”) as well as in pivot tables (have run analytics many times).
Am I missing a step to be able to see reporting rates? (it’s an aggregate monthly dataset on 2.33)


Hi @Natalie_Tibbels
Please have a look at this post: Reporting rates not working in 2.33 - #10 by Scott

The issue for many people is that they have not assigned their category options to org units.

Hope that helps if not let me know.

That fixed it!! Thank you!!