‘Reporting rate’, both in ‘reports’ and ‘data visualizer’ is not working for data sets using category combinations

‘Reporting rate’, both in ‘reports’ and ‘data visualizer’, is not working for data sets using category combinations.

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We need an urgent solution, the issues we have been having for the last five months since upgrading to version 2.39.

Hannan Khan, HISP Bangladesh Foundation

Hi @Hannan

Sorry to hear that you have been facing an issue with the reporting rates. My request is that it appears you are able to reproduce the issue on play. Would you kindly share the steps so I can do more testing on this?


Also, please check the issue’s sharing settings, I can’t view it.


Please check now; I changed the security level.

To recreate issues on Demo, check the reporting rate from ‘Reports’ to see if the ‘Child Health’ dataset, which does not have a ‘Category Combination’, is working OK. But when you try the ‘Emergency Response’ dataset, which has a ‘Category Combination’, it does not show any reporting rates, despite having data for April 2024.
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Please let me know if any further clarification is required.