Reporting in 2.1

Subodha and others,

Although some of the very latest functionality is not mentioned yet, Bjørnar did a great job updating the reporting section in the user manual not many weeks ago.

You can find this (report tables, standard reports, iReport designer) as part of the full manual in sections 11.2-11.4, either as pdf download ( here:

Or as a web page here:

Or download the setting up reporting chapter (ch. 11) as a separate pdf file here:

I have also explained the intended work flow with the new report table + standard report design approach in this email on the dev list:



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2011/3/17 Lars Helge Øverland

Hi Subodha,

yes the reporting module has undergone lots of changes and the documentation is lagging slightly behind but we will improve on that soon.

For the reports I recommend that you first create a report table with the required data. After generating it (click the green “Generate” icon in the list) you can get the JRXML source by clicking the “Download as JRXML” button. This file you can import into iReport and all the parameters etc will be there. Then modify it as you wish, add charts etc., then navigate to Standard Report in DHIS and create a new one, including uploading the modified report design.

It depends a bit on the report but it makes sense to create one report per table in your original report document.

This list will be notified when more comprehensive documentation is available.

regards Lars

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 4:15 AM, Subodha Manoj wrote:


I’m a Medical Doctor from Sri Lanka and new to DHIS2. I have to design and Develop a MCH information management system for the Family Health Bureau ( as the fimal project of my MSc in Medical Informatics.

I just upgraded to DHIS2 2.1. As I can figure out Reporting module has revolutionized.

  1. I want to have user manual for the reporting module
  1. Need advice on designing the JRXML template. Report I’m expecting to generate contains 8 A4 pages. Shall I design the ONE jrxml template (containing all 8 pages) or shall I design EIGHT jrxml files for each page of the Report ? What is the Best practice and What makes the Life easy ?



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