Repeated sections in Event Capture

Hi all,

I was wondering if it’s possible to create certain sections of an Event Capture Program as repeatable, similar to the Program Stages in Tracker Capture.

I’m looking for something so that for a certain group of Data Elements (in a section), the user could add multiple submissions for that section. i.e. when entering who was present, they could add each person’s name, title, phone number e.t.c.

I understand I could simply create multiple copies of the same data elements but I’m looking for something a little more dynamic.


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Hi @Jasper_Timm,

Based on your explanation, the tracker program would best suit you. The Event Capture program does not support repeatable sections.



Hi @Jasper_Timm, I’m also looking for something like what is described in the original post but within a program stage of an existing tracker program, preferably. I don’t think it is a current feature. I’m attaching a screenshot of a paper form as an example. I do not need to track these people it is simple, yet dynamic/repeatable, data entry. I don’t think this is an uncommon way of collecting data.

@Scott Do you know if something like this is possible and perhaps I’m missing it? At the moment I’ve got to create an entirely other tracker program and add them as a repeatable program stage, and then link them via relationship–its very bulky and impractical.

Edit: After thinking about it, I could accomplish the attached data collection section using row-view in capture, if it were its own Event Program. What would be nice is if I could then use that standalone Event Program as a Program Stage within a Tracker Program.

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Hi all,

Would anyone help with step by step guidance on how to build @chase.freeman’s form.


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I haven’t looked at this issue in many months but I still don’t know how I would approach it. Even if the developers added a new feature to accommodate this type of repeatable/parent-child form I don’t know how it would fit into the data model. I think it could perhaps fit if each row in a repeatable form was a new program stage instance.

I would still love to have this as a feature or form-type for the tracker data model. :slight_smile:

Hi @chase.freeman,

Maybe the @dhis2-tracker can help us with this.


Hello @Gassim,

In this thread here I wanted to implement the same thing as @chase.freeman. any idea on how to achieve that type of repeatable form in tracker capture? Thank you