Repeated questions(roaster questions)


I want set up a set of questions that can be repeated a number of times. For example, I have 5 siblings and I want to collect name, age, gender for each. How do I implement this dynamism in DHIS2.


Welcome to the community @Orly_MUGWANEZA!
Have you thought about creating a tracker program? Maybe you can check out one of the programs in . After taking the DHIS2 Fundamentals course, I believe taking the Events course will help a lot! :blush::+1:

Hi Gassim,

Thank you for your response.

I have already created the tracker program, but I want to create a group of questions and subsections that are repeated for a collection of similar items. Is it possible in DHIS2?

The following link is a similar implementation in SurveySolutions: Rosters

I’m sure this is simple to achieve but it depends on how you approach it. It might have helped if you explained it a bit more, but it seems to me from the link you shared is that you’d use the “skip logic” in program rules, right? Please see this docs Programs - create_program_rule_variable | DHIS2 Docs Thanks!

Hi Gassim,

The scenario is as follow, I want to conduct an interview whereby respondent are asked about their family members. The details collected on each family member are name, gender, age, and the relationship with the respondent.

If you could give more insights on how program rules would help in the above scenario, I would appreciate. Thanks