Registration Form Sections Not responding

Hello, I need help in creating sections in the registration form.
I have already created 2 sections but they don’t appear in the tracker as 2 sections.
They are shown as 1 section without the second section name
what is the issue ?

Did you get this figured out? A couple questions:
Is it for the enrollment section or within a stage?
Are you looking at it on a browser or in the DHIS2 android app?
What version of DHIS2?

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It is for the enrollment section and I am looking for it on the browser.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful… I haven’t done sections with attributes, only in actual program stages. Sometimes I have trouble with sections being hidden if I’ve made a mistake in setting up program rules to hide sections in a loop that doesn’t make sense (like I hide a section based on a data element within that section, so it will never show up). You could try removing program rules that might affect whether the sections are appearing. But maybe someone who has actually used sections within the enrollment can weigh in!


This is a reported bug in Tracker Capture, here is the JIRA issue: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA

Please add your vote and a comment that you are facing the same issue to highlight the problem, thank you!

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